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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology means the study of movement of the body. We can refer to Kinesiology as the bridge between the physical and the energetic bodies. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! So before anything become matter, at it’s very core, there is an energetic compound of electrons, neutrons and protons = energy.

How Does Kinesiology Work?

In Kinesiology we use a technique called muscle testing. It reads the electrical messages of your brain that are transmuted down the nerves of your muscles. When communication through the nerves of the body is flowing uninteruptedly, the body is in flow and ease.

However when stress is registered by the brain consciously or unconsciously, the nerves emit a ‘break’ in the electrical circuit which changes the tonality of the muscles.

This is data to the Kinesiologist to investigate the cause of the ‘circuit break’.

What does a session actually look like?

My sessions are conducted either over the phone or zoom.

My over the phone/zoom session the client will be in their own space and I will use a substitute to surrogate for your energetic field How amazing right?.No time or distance exist when we tap into the Law of Vibration which is Quantum Physics, which is where we play in energy.

What Can Kinesiology Help With?

Kinesiology can help with absolutely everything and anything! For real!

The symptoms you are experiencing that are creating stress have a root source energetic compound we can access.

Liken it to a seed or a root source. When left to grow it will branch out underneath the surface first before sprouting into more obvious symptoms. The “seed” unaddressed can manifest into physical pain, mental distress, emotional fluctuation, sleep disruption, hormones, digestive issues and many more simultaneously.

How Many Sessions are required?

Immediate effects are felt after the first session.

Like anything, to create long lasting positive change you need to consistently have sessions to clear the stress. Once stressed is cleared, the client will become more aware when they are requiring a session as maintenance or to address unexpected stress that life naturally can deliver.

What if I don't know where my stress is from?

This is my favourite part about Kinesiology! When we are stressed it’s hard to have clarity as to what/where it’s coming from as your body is responding in survival mode. However even if the conscious mind is clouded by the stress coping mechanism it has developed, the body knows the answers so we can retrieve the data without you verbally or consciously needing to input especially if the body deems it too stressful to do so.

If you have more questions please contact us.