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Get High. Get Low. It’s all part of the FLOW.

You know it cracks me up to think the song I put on with the girls when we want to up level our party vibes is Get Low.. you know the one… “to the window.. to the wall..” It literally sets us on fire. Yet the term itself – Get Low was one I would run as fast and as far away from as I could.

I think it’s no surprise I would describe myself as a highly energetic, positive woman. And for the most part I’ve been super proud of that as life is fun and it has always been my go to survival mode to get through all of life’s challenges. However this constant ‘up’ is flawed.

By the law of duality whatever you feel there is an opposing effect of same value. So as much as we stay super high vibed without ‘coming down’ there’s that equal intensity of low vibes that are seeking to ‘come up’. It’s with everything. For the movement we take, we equally need to cherish our stillness. I’m not sharing this to suggest for you not try at all, because the quality of life experienced in a higher more expanded frequency is worth getting through the times that are a little more dense and ucky. We do the work to maintain a state of equilibrium and with the consistent growing and learning our equilibrium by nature rises and so does the expansion of our quality of life.

My constant need to stay ‘up’ wasn’t to give off a delusional perception that all is always all good, because we know that is BS. I genuinely didn’t know how to cope being in a lower vibe. My family and close friends can vouch when I pushed myself too much, or keep busy to distract myself from feeling or struggle to maintain healthy boundaries I crack. I would either cry hysterically, be so angry I’d bite their heads off, or if they were real lucky both 🙈🙈. It was so emotionally charged because I resisted slowing and feeling the whole ebbs and flow of life. I do well with the ‘higher’ vibes, not so great on the ‘lower’ vibes. I resisted my body signals that were telling me what I really needed was what I had subconsciously deemed ‘weak’. They were usually things like “it’s okay to slow down.” “It’s okay to feel sad.” “It’s okay to feel like you’re not always getting it right.” “It’s okay to ask for help”. “It’s okay to show your humanness.”

You see when we are ‘up’ no one can hurt us. We feel like we have more control. When we are low, our embedded survival fears are we could be in danger and we must protect ourselves. But all the vibes, wherever they sit on the scale of wholeness are of equal value. It’s the perspectives we put on them that will dictate how they play out.

I was having a conversation with one of my close friends and fellow Kinesiologist Meree and she helped switched up my way of seeing it. We could look at our flow of life like that of the heart. We know it’s important and so good for us to get the heart pumping, building that cardiovascular system so we can strengthen so many systems of our body. But if we stay at that constant state, what’s gonna happen? We will burn out, we create panic, the heart could literally attack itself. So just like the downbeat of the heart, we need to allow ourselves to come down and rest to let off the pressure. This analogy can be applied to everything. Allow ourselves to rest and let off the pressures of work, or exercise, or emotions. But I dare say what you do in one of those aspects plays out the same in all of them.

We just need to allow. To surrender into what’s real. Not to get stuck and swim in the uckiness but to give it the value it deserves. To embrace where you are at, whatever emotion that may be, is honouring ourselves authentically. It’s all part of the whole. Showing up and accepting that version of you that needs you in that moment. Not only does the release of resistance help you rise out of it quicker, it makes for more genuine connection with the people around you. You never really know how much reach you get when you show up as yourself.

Just on Saturday I went and taught my usual two yoga classes at Flow Space. My nights rest was broken because my kids didn’t want to sleep that night. They didn’t want to rest (I don’t know where they get that from?🤷🏾‍♀️🙈🙋🏽‍♀️) and because my mode is go go go, then crash at the end, the fact that was not happening floored me. For my Saturday classes I usually go in with the intention that it’s the weekend, let’s get these yogis shaking off the week that was so they can land more openly and vibrantly into the weekend. I didn’t feel overly vibrant. But it’s funny because the moment I shared that truth with the 40 something people in that class, I instantly felt better! Embracing their energetic support was all I needed to get me back on track. Like I shared in that class, I believe there’s no coincidence to who comes to the classes on any day. Some higher pull gets us all in that room together because without us consciously knowing we have something to offer and something to receive on some sort of level. For my lack of vibrancy, I dare say there was someone in that class that maybe had too much and needed their scales equalized. Again it’s the law of duality along with the understanding of collective consciousness that together we balance each other out. And with that mindfulness of tuning in (which is why we love yoga so much), we can light up our consciousness so it can actively level out the network of energy. Too woowoo for you? Maybe. That’s ok. Anyway there will be days we’d prefer to show a ‘more polished’ side of ourselves, but we got to keep it real, so the polished doesn’t have so much appeal, and all is just what it is. All part of the beautiful whole.

It was lovely to receive a feedback email today from a student who found that class beneficial to her. I had to let go of how I wanted it to be, so it was lovely to be reminded that just showing up as is can be just what someone needed.

My tips that I am proactively embracing now is to feel all the feels. Allow for sadness. Allow for slowness. Allow for less polishedness. Just allow. Allow yourself to share it where you feel safe. Allow yourself to trust there are so many people who want to support you if you let them. Allow that it is okay to WANT the support of others. It’s SO okay to show your vulnerable side. It’s okay to feel tender. It’s okay to want love. For you are both that softness and strength. The high and the low. The action and the still. You are the whole.