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Kinesiology + Nutrition

I love myself enough now to live a healthy life.

Which you seek first will be individual. For me, I had to seek the energetic solutions to work out the why’s of my actions and my rebelliousness towards myself. I had heard many of times what I should be doing, but I needed to address my subconscious sabotages that got in the way of me truly feeling I deserve my own self love. I had to do some serious work on detaching from my stories.

Now with a solid understanding and knowingness of my worth, I am far more focused and motivated to learn how to nourish my body in every aspect: nutrition, movement, mindfulness, growth, because quite simply it feels amazing. And we all deserve to live everyday feeling amazing.

So hopefully that helps. Whether your stuck in your stories and feel like this is how it’s always been, or just unsure on where to start nutritionally, you are supported to make a positive change for yourself. Time is now.


Food.. It’s a big part of our life.

What to eat. When to eat. Where to eat. Who to eat with. How to eat. Will I have enough to eat. Have I had too much to eat. It. Is. All. Consuming.

The relationship we have with food can be a direct reflection on the relationship we have with ourselves. Deep yo! But it’s true!

Are you always hungry for more? Feeling unsatisfied? Are you too distracted with everything around you to digest what is going on within you? Do you jump on every other ‘diet’ or way to do things because it worked for someone else and hope it’ll be a quick fix to happiness for you? Where else does this habit replay in your life? Do you feed your fears or nourish your dreams? Ooo so much to chew on…

I heard this today and I was so driven to write about it. In a meditation challenge I am doing, Deepak Chopra spoke of how the old system – prevention was all the rage. Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. Eliminating food groups. Getting a certain amount of sleep. Making sure you exercise… However, the way that this was delivered was flawed. It was motivated by fear. So when we would have a boozy night out then chow down on some greasy food, or skip a work out for rest we would feel guilty. That guilt would stress the autonomic nervous system and produce stress hormones which would have an effect on the digestive tract and how it does it’s job. Often that would send us into a spiral because our nervous system was stressed out from the guilt and fear we felt and what do many of us do to comfort how we feel? We eat. Why generally? Because when we eat it activates a chemical reaction with serotonin, which is known as the happy chemical and with a significant amount being stored in our intestines, we feel ‘happy’ when we eat.

Nowadays we are all for empowerment! Empowered to focus our minds on how we can nourish not negate. So instead of hearing all the fear factors of when we don’t do what we know we “should”, we are motivated by love and empowerment. We are more driven by understanding when we eat a balanced diet and fuel on nourishing food groups collectively, what that is actually doing FOR the body. We are educating ourselves on the why’s so we can make more consciously positive choices. And more importantly have the knowledge to bring ourselves back into an aligned state with eating if (and when) we have our nights out on cocktails.

I have to say nutrition has never been a strong point of mine. I was a fit and active young child, then I hit high school and I treated my body and my choices recklessly and it showed. My confidence took a beating and the connection I had with my body was so harsh. That life I used to lead to the one I have now are two completely different universes. Bit by bit, choice by choice that inner yearning of self care got louder and louder until it became the driving force of my life.