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Magnesium Mist

Clarity & Recentre

With trauma, emotions and stress stored in our body, it has a significant effect on our nervous system. Then team that up with the high pressures of life, and it’s no surprise we are magnesium deficient. When we get wound up, our magnesium level is depleted and we need extra magnesium to calm us down.

This is what inspired the beautiful and loving collaboration with 11:11Lab Skin Care to create something truly special.

Our energetically balanced magnesium mist infused with ylang-ylang & lemon myrtle will ground & clear your mind and body. Allow your nervous system to reset & rejuvenate with every spray.

100% Natural
Vegan & Cruelty Free
Energetically Enhanced
Australian Made & Owned

Here are FIVE things this magnesium mist can do for you right now!

1. Decrease your stress

Magnesium aids the relief of stress you feel mentally, physically and emotionally. When the body has sufficient magnesium it can supplement the stress hormones produced when life feels chaotic and it can return you back to a state of calm.

2. Improve your sleep

Magnesium supports calming your nervous system and when your body has the ability to relax it can drop into more quality of sleep. More quality of sleep means your body can repair & replenish energy stores ready to use the next day!

3. Ease your muscles

Magnesium is essential for your muscle function as it controls muscle contraction and acts as a muscle relaxant. As tense muscles relax, emotions that contain energy are also released. Magnesium aids the reset of jammed energy patterns and helps restore joint mobility. Pain disappears and things start to work better again.

4. Hydrate your skin and zap those spots

When applied topically, magnesium breaks apart fats and oils which can help reduce the oiliness of the skin. This in turn can reduce the severity and occurrences of acne breakouts and other skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema.

It also helps reduce premature ageing in the skin as it combats oxidative stress which is the cause of wrinkles, dark pigment and other signs of ageing.

Lastly, but not finitely, magnesium can help hydrate dry skin as it improves the skin barrier, helping it absorb and retain moisture more readily.

5. Setting your intentions with energy balanced products

Kinesiology is a natural holistic therapy that clears, restores and balances energy- allowing it to flow where it is needed, whether that be in mind, body or energy systems. People are more productive, happier and better at what they do when they feel balanced.

This is why every bottle of Clarity & Recentre Magnesium Mist has been energetically balanced through the process of kinesiology. Within every energetic balance, the intention of self-love has been infused allowing you to feel balanced and love for yourself.

I feel like I’m already 10 years younger and a million miles rejuvenated. I am going to spray this over my entire life and rejuvenate everything.

Ash Hartree@thesassmovement_perth

I was not expecting this level of product! What it’s about, what it can do, the smell- oh my god the smell- you will want to buy some, honest to god, you will want to buy some.

Kim Kent@thesassmovement_perth

I was not expecting this, this is way better than I was expecting! Honestly, it's phenomenal. My God, it is so beautiful, It's so pretty and smells so good!


Oh Wow! That is incredible! With ylang ylang and lemon myrtle- I love lemon myrtle! What a combo! Oh my God, it is so good. It smells so good!


This is beautiful, oh it's stunning! I've just done a huge amount of posting on magnesium recently, it is so important right now. Do you have subscriptions?

Natalie Baldock@nataliebaldock

Oh my gosh, this is exactly what I need right now. It smells so good. I love it. I will definitely be using this everyday!

Tamara Brown@raw_food_girl

With ylang ylang, which is frangipani, and Lemon Myrtle- it’s going to be really relaxing, awesome for your skin, the ylang ylang is really good for your female energy- it’s absolutely what I need!

Izzy Beeston@izzybeeston

Benefits of Ylang Ylang and Lemon Myrtle

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil has a fresh, sweetly floral aroma that is calming and balancing mentally. It is known for its emotionally, physically and spiritually uplifting properties. The oil also has a healing quality and can assist in reducing depression, alleviating anxiety and lowering blood pressure as well as stimulating oil production in the skin.

Lemon Myrtle

A powerful essential oil with benefits for the skin, mind, and body. It has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it perfect for use on all types of blemishes. The oil’s main chemical components include limonene and cineole, which together make up 70% of lemon myrtle’s composition.

These two components give lemon myrtle its antiseptic qualities as well as its ability to soothe your nerves, promote relaxation and infuse positive feelings into your day.

By infusing Ylang Ylang and Lemon Myrtle with this Magnesium Mist, you have a potent concoction that will feed your mind, body and soul every day.


Why this magnesium mist?

Sure, great question. There are heaps of magnesium sprays out on the market, but allow us to share with you our point of difference.

  1. This magnesium is sourced from the Zechstein Sea which is known as the purest and most unpolluted form of magnesium in the world. The Zechstein Sea has been around for 250 million years and has entered five cycles of flood and drought, creating layers of uncontaminated, refined, pure magnesium salt.
  2. Clarity & Recentre Magnesium Mist has been energetically balanced by a kinesiologist. You will not find a product on the market that has been through this process before it reaches your hands.
  3. Many Magnesium sprays you will find are plain with no scent. This Magnesium mist has been infused with Lemon Myrtle & Ylang Ylang essential oils. What this means is that not only will you receive the benefits of these oils, but it smells divine and can be used daily as a perfume.

Ultimately, by choosing Clarity & Recentre Magnesium Mist, you are choosing a high quality and superior product that you won’t find anywhere else.


Transdermal vs oral...

With 75-80% of the population being magnesium deficient, you may already be taking some kind of supplement. If you’re taking oral magnesium supplements, you may be wondering whether they have the same effect as topical applications.

Oral magnesium supplements are usually the first action people think of when wanting to increase their magnesium intake, however, oral magnesium supplements are not as readily absorbed as topical applications, and they can even interfere with the absorption of other nutrients when taken at the same time.

Topical applications are effective for increasing skin absorption because they allow for direct contact between skin and oil molecules. By applying directly to the skin, it increases absorbability as it bypasses the digestive tract altogether and goes directly into your bloodstream.


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